No Fax Cash Advance The No fax cash advance help to pay the medical bills and home repair without any serious credit checks. There are no long faxing options included in the cash advance, no paper work is required. You donít have to show any important credentials that meets your credit checks. The time limitation for this type of the payday loan is usually four weeks. The one disadvantage with this type of the loan is that it has the higher interest rates when compared to the normal loans. These are very helpful for the emergency situations. You are not eligible to apply for the next loan unless you pay the previous loan. So you can apply for the loan based on the capability that you can pay it easily within your next payday. In this method if you donít have the money to repay it back then you can pay it in other forms. You can search for the payday loan websites available online then fill the form available in the website. Some of the basic eligibilities for applying for the payday loan is that the individual must be above eighteen years of age and they must have proper source of income or the proof of the employment certificate. Once you fill the online registration form it is processed within two hours and the amount is transacted to your account within twenty four hours. They are very useful for the emergency situations and the maximum time limit given is four to five weeks.